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Payments designed for your mobile life™

Bill My Mobile™ is a quick, simple checkout process from your mobile or online with no registration or bank account required. Our two step authentification process is safer and more secure than using a credit or debit card so you can buy with ease and confidence. Your purchase charge will appear on your wireless bill.

Or, you can use for all your online and mobile purchases.

Bill My Mobile



When it’s time to pay for something online or from your mobile, just find the Bill My Mobile™ payment button. A payment screen will pop up for you to enter your mobile number

ENTER your mobile number to receive a text confirming your purchase
Reply YES by text to confirm and we'll text you a PIN number
SUCCESS! It's that easy. Enter your PIN to receive your items

Purchases you make are billed directly to your mobile phone bill.

Bill My Mobile

When your using your Bill My Mobile Wallet™, just choose Bill My Mobile Plus™ to use your favorite credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

No registration or account required.



Help & FAQs


  • Q.What is Bill My Mobile™?

    Bill My Mobile™ is a quick, simple checkout process on the web or on your mobile with no registration or bank account required. Your purchase charge will appear on your wireless bill. Our two step authentification process is safer and more secure than using a credit or debit card so you can buy with ease and confidence. It is universal, works with all operating systems, devices (PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPad iPhone, Android device), and is compatible with wireless carriers worldwide.

  • Q.Do I need a bank account? credit card?

    Nope. You only need an active mobile phone with text messaging to buy stuff with Bill My Mobile™ and have it charged to your wireless bill. If you would prefer to pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal, just choose the Bill My Mobile Plus™

  • Q.What do I need for a payment?

    Just type in your phone number and wait a few seconds to receive a text message. Depending on what country you’re in, you will be asked to either type in a 4 digit PIN (provided in the text message) and/or reply to the text message to confirm the payment.

  • Q.Do I need to register?

    No. No registration is required - you don't have to create an account or remember a password.

  • Q.How will I be charged?

    The charge will appear on your mobile phone bill.

  • Q.How will the charge appear?

    It depends on the carrier and the country, but the description will always contain “Bill My Mobile™

  • Q.What if the account is prepaid or PayGo?

    The charge is deducted from the balance on your phone account at the time of the transaction.

  • Q.Are there any additional fees?

    We don’t charge any additional fees, but depending upon your text-messaging plan you could incur additional fees. For example, if you are on a plan that charges you for each text message you will be charged for messages you receive from Bill My Mobile™, just as any other text message


  • Q.I never received my purchased items. What do I do?

    Hhhmmm. This may be a technical issue. Let us look into this and make sure we get you your purchase. Contact us with a little information so we can help.

  • Q.I entered my phone number but never received a text message?

    It can take a few minutes or longer in certain circumstances to receive a response. If you don't get a response, your carrier may not be compatible with Bill My Mobile™. Contact your carrier for more information.

  • Q.I accepted payment but never received my access code

    If you do not receive an access code, it is probably a technical issue. (You usually do not get billed by your phone company in a case like this. You may still get billed for the "standard text message rate" for the first text, but you should not get billed for the full purchase amount). We can research the issue and assist you in receiving an access code for your items.


Please be sure to use the contact form on this site for any of your questions, concerns or issues. We will respond within 24 hours. You can also reply HELP to any text message you receive from Bill My Mobile™ and we will text you with further information for your questions or issue. Your Bill My Mobile™ mobile payment process shoud always be easy and problem-free, and we are here to help.



    "We created as a new Mobile/web App to sell our 'Garden Rebel® Organic Tonics' Recipe Packs, How-to Videos, and e-Books. The fact that our customers don't need a credit card or bank account to buy Garden Rebel® digital content helps us reach more of our audience. The ease, security and convenience for a customer to add a purchase to their wireless bill makes all the sense in the world. Or, with Bill My Mobile Plus™ our customers can choose any traditional payment method; credit card, debit or PayPal. We use the Bill My Mobile Wallet™ for all our online and mobile storefronts.

    Robert Vincent Sims America's Garden Rebel®

    "MOBI's patented Bill My Mobile™ payment option is part of the Bill My Mobile Wallet™. Our corporate clients with existing online and mobile storefronts can offer the Bill My Mobile Wallet™ payment options to customers; or our clients can design and monetize an entirely new mobile strategy: creating a new breed of cross-device Mobile/web Apps selling online and mobile digital content to any customer, on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android device). With the Bill My Mobile Wallet™, customers can use a traditional payment option (credit card, debit card, or PayPal), or choose our new secure and convenient mobile payment technology to charge the purchase to their wireless bill."

    Darren Beck Inventor and Founder, Bill My Mobile Wallet™


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